Greetings Beloved One,

We the Light Beings of Andromeda send you much love. We have been watching over you for some time now and it has come to our attention that you could be a vessel for transmissions of Love to our Family of Light upon your world. We also noticed that you have been resisting this calling and we understand your hesitation. Your race has been subjected to so much subservience over the centuries that to stand out from the crowd requires letting go of many imprints.

There are many things we wish to share with you that will bring increasing enlightenment to your corner of the world. Over the next few months your energy will increase and you will be called upon to fulfil many tasks that you would have previously thought impossible. This energy will enter you via your crown chakra..

At first reception, the adjustment to this energy will leave you tired and listless but as you become accustomed to its frequency you will become more and more vitalized and require less material sustenance to keep your physical body functioning at its full potential.

The love we have for you is unconditional and that is why we have not interfered with your resistance or your procrastination. We have called many but few have chosen. It is always a matter of choice when it comes to Light Service. Once you choose, however, we are bound to assist you evolve to a point where you can go it alone. That is our purpose in being here at this Time of Transition. Humanity has come to a point in its history where the cries of the down-trodden were heard on high and we have responded to the call.

As you receive this transmission let your heart be open to embody both love and information. As you sit in the centre of the Pillar of Light know that you are being encoded with information that is making not only changes to your way of processing thought but is having a tremendous effect on the cellular level of your physical form. All forms are thought forms and when the thought process changes the resulting forms are brought into harmony with the new perspectives.

Through this transmission we give to you Power... We give to you Light...

We surround you with Love and awaken you to your endless possibilities.

Yet, it is not our Power that we give, nor is it our Light… It is the Light and Power of the Central Sun

that stands at the Heart of the Cosmos.

There is no one more deserving than you... No one more acceptable than you...

No one who is more eager than you to receive these blessings.

Why is it that you doubt your worthiness… question your loveliness?  Why is it you resist change?

Do you not know that just one atomic particle of you holds the pattern of All That Is?

Do you not see that who and what you are

is an expression of Completeness and there can be no lack in Completeness

but in Truth you are as Whole as the All in All?

You believe you are lacking because you look outside of yourself and see things that you desire and that appear to be outside of your grasp. There is, in fact, nothing outside of your grasp. There is only one thing that is limited in your experience and that is your disbelief that you deserve and can have exactly what it is you desire. So you make up reasons for not having it. You are too poor, or you are too old and it is too late.... and so it is you create reasons for settling for less and that is what you get.

In our realm, a multidimensional world, there is no such thing as lack. We do not understand the meaning of lack. When we look at your world we see only abundance. We see humanity surrounded by a world teeming with everything imaginable. All that surrounds you is being imagined into existence by the Divine Intelligence that is within you and through you comes a world without end. Although you are the co-creators of this manifested world you have been imprinted with the belief that you are but created beings. This places you in a role of victimhood and dependent on others. The others may be gods that you have come to believe withhold or give at whim. The others may be leaders who have taken on the power you have given them and have abused it. The others may simply be a single person that you relate to as having power over you. Yet, in truth, you sit outside the dragon's lair oblivious to the fact that all the wealth inside is yours and that the dragon is simply an imagined fear.

It is time, Beloved One, to tame the dragon.