Have you ever been moved by a piece of artwork, or gazed into an image or photo that has affected you or inspired you? Did you find yourself being drawn into the image and taken on a journey, or found deep meaning flood to you as you pondered the meaning behind the image? Each and every person can relate to such coded images in different ways. Some can feel the energy that emanates from the piece, others can be taken on a magical, awakening, enlightening ride into their subconscious, which can create a bodily response such as goosebumps, chills or a tingling sensation.

Divine Activator Codes herald from the template level of consciousness, this is where the blueprints of creation reside.

They are pure, divine light frequencies. When these coded images are viewed, the colours, intended energy, fractals and sacred geometry, act as tools to assist you in reaching new levels of understanding. They are intended as keys to unlocking subconscious knowing. They connect with the subconscious and unconscious mind. The coded information filters down to the conscious mind for perception and definition. Each person can perceive the information at their own stage of development and the high frequency codes can up-level their energy field. This up-leveling can assist in illuminating stuck or blocked energy, it is then that this energy and lessons can be recognized and released.  

The code that is being pictured with this article is connected with the vibration of completion. Read the message below and then reflect upon the coded image.

As the cycle of completion presents itself once again, what shifts did you make? What lessons have you learned? Is the you that is reflected in the mirror, shining back at you with smiling face? Are you following your joy in every moment? Take time to reflect, moments in quiet solitude can gain understanding of the shifts in knowing, and in the understanding of dreams and visions. Pay attention to the sychronicities and perfect timing in your life, where are they leading you? Trust in the guidance that you receive that comes from a place of joy. Moments of reflection can also assist in staying balanced, in both the emotional and mental worlds.

Much Love and Blessings

~ Deb-Aurah Araznu

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