Align, Attune, Activate and Accelerate your Lightbody with these sets of Starseed Activation Codes. Each downloadable set of codes (6” x 8”) will be inscribed with a signature glyph created specifically for you by Araznu.

Also with each set you will receive a downloadable mp3 containing instructions, guidance, sound frequencies and light language codes.

$99 per set

Alignment: Set of 3 Codes plus mp3

Attunement: Set of 3 Codes plus mp3

Activation: Set of 3 Codes plus mp3

Accelerator: Set of 3 Codes  plus mp3

Metaphysical Art
Read more about what Divine Activator Codes can do for you Created individually for you! Personal Divine Activator Code

You will receive a personal Divine Activator Code & Glyph.

These unique and personal codes are created by Araznu specifically for you and your energetic frequency.

Each person can perceive the Code’s information at their own stage of development and the high frequency codes can assist in up-levelling their Lightbody.

It is in raising one’s frequency that stuck or blocked energies and their lessons can be recognized and released.

You will receive an instructional mp3 with your order.

( The Code you will receive comes as a High Resolution downloadable jpeg 7”x 7” )


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